DuPont Surlyn® Skin Film

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The Ultimate in Display and Protection Surlyn® (DupontTM), also known as skin film, delivers outstanding clarity, toughness, draw-down strength and puncture resistance. Typically used as a seal layer in flexible packaging it can be laminated with other materials, and is most commonly used for carded display packaging.

A cost effective alternative to clamshell and blister visual packaging, our Surlyn® skin film enhances the visual appeal of your products whilst helping manufactures reduce material usage.

Suryln® skin film has the following key properties:
High Clarity – The high clarity of Surlyn® film allows customers to clearly view the whole product without risk of product damage.
Usability – Surlyn® film can be easily be moulded around products to offer complete protection and due to absorbing infared heat about twice as fast of PE, it speeds up the whole production process, allowing greater efficiency.
Strength – The strength of the film holds the product in place and provides excellent protection from scratching and other damage.
Puncture Resistance – Surlyn® film is incredibly robust and is not easily punctured by sharp objects.
Tamper Resistance – Due to the tight layer Surlyn® forms, it is very difficult to tamper with and remove a product without leaving obvious signs.
Chemical, Cold-weather & Aging Resistance – Our Surlyn® films are resistant to oil and grease. It does not become brittle with age and retains all of its key properties down to -40 °C temperatures.

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