Protecting your products with polythene

Shirlplass polythene packaging

Why choose polythene for your packaging needs?

Polythene is one of the most versatile products in the world of packaging and as a result has revolutionised the way we package and protect our goods. The development of better materials has allowed us to provide protection for your goods. Whether you are looking to transfer pallets during transit, keeping goods in a warehouse or sending items in the post, we have a packaging solution. Using polythene can make sure your goods arrive in one place safely whilst providing a cost-effective solution compared to boxes and paper envelopes.

High Strength & Durability

The strength of polythene is what makes it such an important material. Due to its properties of high strength, durability and versatility it means there is a product to protect most goods, regardless of the shape and size.

Polythene wrapped pallet


Due to polythene being waterproof you can be assured that however bad the weather your customers will receive their products without any water damage. Alternatives such as paper envelopes and cardboard boxes will not protect against excessive moisture, as a result water can disintegrate the packaging and potentially damage the products inside.

Grey poythene mailing bags

Rip Resistant

One of the main concerns when sending goods out in the post or with a courier is what condition they will arrive with the recipient. Occasionally items sent out in boxes will have ripped sides with the contents of the box missing. However, unlike paper, polythene is rip resistant and won’t tear easily. This means that when sending out products the polythene bags can be miss-treated and still securely hold the contents inside.

Crushed delivery box

Please click on the link to watch a short video demonstrating the tear resistant properties:

Tamper Evident

Most our poly postal envelopes and mailing bags feature a permanent tamper proof peel and seal glue strip as standard. This creates a secure seal to ship a wide range of valuable products and documents safe in knowledge that you can tell if the envelopes have been opened.

co-extruded polythene mailing bags glue strip

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