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White Mailing Bags

The perfect solution for when you need a strong, secure, confidential mailing bag.

White mailing bags are designed with both privacy and strength in mind, the black inner layer ensures that whatever is inside the envelope remains unseen. Not only is the contents confidential it is also secure, our white mailing bags are stronger than a like-for-like transparent polythene bag meaning you can be sure that whatever is in the packaging stays in the packaging.

Available in the following stock sizes:

Manufactured from 50 micron black/white co-extruded polythene, with a ‘peel and seal’ flap:
162mm x 230mm 230mm x 310mm 250mm x 350mm 350mm x 500mm

white mailing bags, opaque mailing bagUK Manufactured – We manufacture white opaque mailing bags here at our Shirlplass site to ISO:9001 quality standards using the highest quality polythene.

Environment – As with all of our polythene products, our white mailing bags are completely recyclable.

The Benefits of Using Polythene – Durable, waterproof, tear resistant and puncture resistant, you benefit from all of these when using co-extruded polythene.

Stock or Bespoke – If you require a specific size of film, envelope or bag we can make it to your specifications, including print in up to 8 colours. In addition we also hold 5 key sizes from stock, available for immediate despatch.

Co-extruded Film

Co-extruded polythene film, white mailing bagsCo Extruded Film is manufactured in 3 layers to give it superior strength and durability to other grades of polythene. Due to the black inner layer it is also completely opaque making it perfect for private and confidential mailings as well as any other application when you do not want the contents to be seen.

We are able to supply Co Extruded Film on the reel, either plain or printed and also in mailing bags and envelopes to a wide range of specifications. The versatility of this film makes it especially useful in the horticultural industry as compost bags, growing bags, glasshouse floor covering or stock house covering.

If we do not have the size you want, please get in contact with one our experienced sales advisors who can provide a quote for bespoke sizes and custom printed options.