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Poly-Tough® Stronger & Lighter Film

Benefits of Poly-Tough®

Poly-Tough® is a polythene film that is so strong that we can manufacture it round 25% lighter without compromising on strength or quality! This means that our customers see a cost saving of up to 25% when using Poly-Tough® compared to regular grade polythene. This is due to the greater yield that is achieved per tonne of material meaning greater productivity when packaging your products. This applies just as well for polythene reel film as it does for polythene bags.

The table below shows what weight of material can be achieved when using our unique and innovative Poly-Tough® blend and also how much extra yield you can expect to receive when choosing  our Poly-Tough®  blend over normal film:

Normal Film PolyTough® Film Additional Yield %
125 micron (500 gauge) polythene 100 micron (400 gauge) polythene 25%
100 micron (400 gauge) polythene 75 micron (300 gauge) polythene 33.3%
75 micron (300 gauge) polythene 55 micron (220 gauge) polythene 36.4%
50 micron (200 gauge) polythene 35 micron (140 gauge) polythene 42.9%
40 micron (160 gauge) polythene 30 micron (120 gauge) polythene 33.3%
Environmentally Friendly:

So, Poly-Tough® reduces your carbon footprint by lowering the amount of material used. Therefore there is a potential to reduce your packaging waste as well. In addition, we are able to manufacture Poly-Tough® from 70% recycled content to ensure that it is the most environmentally friendly polythene film you can buy. As if these environmental benefits were not enough, Poly-Tough® is also 100% recyclable.

Full Product Range:

Poly-Tough® can be manufactured into any size or micron polybags either sideweld or bottom weld formats; polythene sacks and even mailing envelopes as well as being supplied as reel film. Poly-Tough® can also be printed upto 8 colours using flexo graphic print when required.

To see how much you can save, please get in contact with one our experienced sales advisors who will be happy to provide a quotation.