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Polythene Bags

From small polythene bags to large polythene sacks, we’ve got you covered.

Whether you need a polythene bag, sack or envelope, we can help. We have over 40 years experience as UK polythene manufacturers, from mailing and retail to industrial and construction.

With extensive in-house manufacturing capabilities, we can offer competitive prices and great quality products to unmatchable lead-times. We specialise in extrusion, printing and conversion of custom mailing bags and are able to manufacture bags suitable for all markets and in all types of styles:

  • Clear Polybags
Printed Polythene Bags

A large range of our polythene bags and products can be printed. We have the ability to print up to 8 colours, include 4 colour process work. Printed polybags are a great way to promote your brand or advise customers how to use your product.

For further information on how printed polythene bags can improve your packaging click here.

Bottom Weld Polythene Bags

Our bottom weld polythene bags are manufactured from polythene tubing  which is then heat sealed and cut by a knife along the bottom width of the bag.

  • The bottom weld provides extra strength and are ideal for heavy weighted items.
  • Allows leak-proof bags to be manufactured
  • Available in a wide range of polythene materials including plain, printed and coloured
block headed, polythene bagsBlockheaded Polythene Bags

We can manufacture plain and printed bags in blocks of 25 to 250; the block is an extra piece of polythene above the flap of the envelope that is melted to the one below it. You are then able to tear each individual envelope off of the block by way of a perforation.

  • Perfect for fast moving packing and fulfilment lines
  • Ideal for speed and ease of packing
  • Holes in the header allow bags to be hung for ease of dispensing
Euro Slot & Lateral Seals

Euro Slot – a special punch on an envelope or bag to allow it to be hung in a shop display on retail hanging hooks.

Lateral Seals – This is an area above an envelope that is sealed off from the rest of the envelope. They are most commonly used on magazine envelopes or for use with a Euro-slot for shop displays.

Box Liners & Gusseted Polythene Bags

Bottom Gusset – An expandable bottom which creates a larger capacity when the bag is opened. Perfect for packing bulkier and wider items.

Box Liners – We are able to supply gusseted polythene box liners to shape any box. It allows you to put items into a box and prevent leakage or contact with the box itself.

antistatic film, antitstatic bag, polythene bagsAnti-Static & Conductive Bags

We are a supply a range of bags and films to the medical and pharmaceutical industry, these include Anti-Static, high-slip and additive free options. Anti-Static agents are added to reduce the levels of electrical charge present in the polythene. The polymers we use are EEC and FDA approve and all goods are supplied with a Certificate of Conformity and Surface Resistivity reading.

If you are really not sure what thickness of polythene you require, or the best size for your needs, or even if you only know that you ‘need some polythene!’ and that’s it, get in touch and we’ll help you throughout the whole process with clear quotations, bespoke size and material samples and real time updates.

Polypropylene Bags

Need a high clarity ‘glass clear’ finish?

When you require a high clarity finish, polypropylene is the ideal material. The clear polypropylene film is perfect for displaying cards and envelopes and with similar properties to cellophane it’s ideal for a wide variety of packaging.

clear polyprop with card inside

Quality – Waterproof, durable, tear resistant and puncture resistant our polypropylene bags are manufactured to ISO quality standards and as with all our products they are completely recyclable.

Custom – We are able to make custom items to your size requirements. With options of a reinforced header and euro slot it makes them ideal for a first class ‘Point of Sale’ solution, in addition we are also able to print up to 8 colours!

Stock – As well as the custom options we also stock a wide variety of sizes of polypropylene bags which are available for immediate despatch.

We’ve added a brand new stock line!

Due to recent high demand for a printed warning notice on a bag with high clarity, we’ve added a brand new product to our stock range! Introducing the printed warning notice in size 255 x 304 + 40 – on 30mu clear cast polypropylene!

cast polypropylene envelope with cuddly toys inside, printed warning notice printed warning notice cast polypropylene bag cast polypropylene bag with printed warning notice and clothes inside

To find out more about our stock sizes or to discuss your custom options contact our experienced sales team and be assured that your requirements will be met quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.