Polythene film direct from a leading independent UK polythene extruder

Whether you need clear Lay Flat Tubing or specialist Medium Density (MDPE) film, our extrusion department has it covered! We have the ability to offer a variety of film reels in a range of materials, including the option of one colour inline print.

Lay flat tubing polythene film reelLay Flat Tubing (LFT)

This is essentially the starting point from which all other film is made, but it is also an extremely useful product in its own right. It is manufactured when the extruded polythene ‘bubble’ is flattened down (a flat tube) and wound on to a reel. It is ideal for use as a protective cover for a huge range of items, it can simply be cut to size and sealed to create excellent secure packaging. In addition, it can also be printed or produced in a certain colour. This polythene film is used throughout a variety of industries, we extrude Lay Flat Tubing (LFT) in light, medium and heavy duty options. We are also able to produce coloured variations and in our exclusive Poly-Tough® material.

Single wound sheet polythene film reelSingle Wound Sheet (SWS)

SWS is Lay Flat Tubing which has had the edges slit on both sides, creating two single sheets. These polythene film sheets are then wound separately on individual cores, which can then be used to make a wide range of products. At Shirlplass we commonly use SWS for bespoke printing and converting into polythene envelopes and bags. This polythene film is available in a wide variety of grades, including our Poly-Tough® polythene. Single Wound Sheeting (SWS) is applied to an almost limitless range of products.

Double wound sheet polythene film reelDouble Wound Sheet (DWS)

This polythene film is similar to Single Wound Sheet however Double Wound Sheet is wound on to only one reel. This format of film is mostly used to manufacture magazine bands, which are designed to hold two or more magazines together in a promotional pack.

Centre fold sheet polythene film reelCentre Fold Sheet (CFS)

Again, this format is originally Lay Flat Tubing but this time with one edge trimmed to open. This happens during the extrusion process and allows a long sheet to be formed which can open out to twice the film width. CFS polythene film is most commonly used as protective sheeting and covers, but is also used to manufacture into large, strong polythene bags and sacks such as our larger grey mailing bags.

J-Fold sheet polythene film reelJ-Fold Sheet (JFS)

This polythene film is almost identical to Centre Fold Sheet, however in addition to one edge being trimmed an additional amount of film is taken off of one side before being wound. This film is mainly used to make the manufacture of large polythene bags easier, as the additional film on one side can be used to create a flap for the bag or envelope – a clever trick!

Black Conductive Film

Our black volume conductive bags and polythene films are ideal for the packing of static sensitive devices and products.

Shrink Film

This film is used for wrapping almost anything, when heat is applied the film tightly shrinks around the product. Heat is applied by using a hand held heat gun, heat tunnel or conveyor.

Perforated Film

With 4 holes per square inch, our perforated polythene film is ideal for various uses!

Mailing Film

Available either clear, plain or printed in up to 8 colours. Our mailing film is widely used throughout the Direct Mail industry to wrap brochures, catalogues and other promotional material.

We extrude film using the following materials:

Poly-Tough® – Our Poly-Tough® material offers the same strength of product in a lighter grade of material.

Surlyn® (DuPontTM) Skin Film – typically used as a seal layer in flexible packaging. We are the only  manufacturer in the UK who are able to supply films utilising this film technology.

Low Density Polythene (LDPE)

Medium Density Polythene (MDPE)

Made Again(Recycled Polythene) – All our polythene scrap is recycled and can be made into both film & bag products.

BioPlass(Compostable) – Our biodegradable products are degradable to EN13432 standards.

For further information or to discuss your requirements contact our team.