Grey Mailing Bags

We manufacture on-site two ranges of grey mailing bags. So whatever your requirement is we will have the perfect mailing bag for you. Ideal for mailing out items both small and large, all our mailing bags are waterproof, tear and puncture resistant, meaning whatever is placed in the bag stays in the bag! We have two varieties available in the most popular sizes:

  • 55 micron Premium Grey Mailing Bags
  • made again® Grey Recycled Mailing Bags


Madeagain Available Sizes:

102 x 155mm, 162 x 230mm, 230 x 310mm, 250 x 350mm, 305 x 405mm, 320 x 440mm, 350 x 500mm, 425 x 600mm, 550 x 750mm, 600 x 900mm, 850 x 1000mm

Premium Available Sizes:

170 x 230mm, 230 x 310mm, 250 x 350mm, 305 x 405mm, 320 x 440mm, 350 x 500mm, 425 x 600mm, 550 x 750mm


Divinely Different® Mailing Bags

Our Divinely Different® mailing bags are the fashionable way to send out all of your packages. These stylish designs are perfect for businesses that want printed mailing bags but would like to avoid the possible high quantities and associated costs. Manufactured from 50 micron co-extruded polythene, all of our bags include a permanent peel and seal strip and are perfect for mail order, e-commerce and retail businesses.

Polka dot printed mailing bags
Daisy printed mailing bags
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Currently there are 3 designs in this range: Polka Dot, Daisy & Floral.

Spectrum® Mailing Bags

In a world filled with bland cardboard boxes and grey mailing bags it’s good to know there is a brighter, more colourful alternative! Spectrum® is a range of polythene coloured mailing bags aimed at maximising impact when sending out goods or packaging products.

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These are available in various sizes across the following colours, Black, Blue, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red & Green.

Clear Mailing Bag

Our clear mailing bags are suitable for magazines, leaflets, newspapers, brochures etc and are available in multiple sizes and thicknesses to cover your lightweight to heavy duty mailing purposes, with a self seal lip and a permanent glue line for easy and secure sealing.

Available stock sizes: 115 X 230mm(CD3, DL), 120 X 160mm(C63, C6), 162 X 230mm(C53, C5), 230 X 230mm(CQ3), 230 X 305mm(C43, C45, C47, C4), 250 X 330mm(C05), 310 X 435mm(C35).

Bespoke Mailing Bag

Have something more custom in mind? We can offer turn key solutions to custom mailing bags.

For more information or to discuss your requirements contact our team.