Our environmental policy ensures that we exercise proper control over our activities, discouraging environmentally damaging and wasteful practices. We comply with all requirements of legislation and are always striving to achieve ever improved standards.


What do we do to help reduce our environmental impact?

  • As from May 1st 2019, we changed our energy supplier to one of Britain’s greenest energy company. In turn, this now means our electricity is 100% green – there’s no coal, nuclear, or any other brown energy source in our fuel mix. It’s all from renewable sources. 
  • All of our polythene process waste is sorted into plain and coloured streams then baled and recycled, this recycled product is then used again in various products. We offer our customers the option of sending their waste polythene to us where we can then ensure it is recycled responsibly.
  • The optimal environmental outcome is always considered in any key purchasing decisions we make. Recent purchases include a variable drive compressor which has reduced energy consumption by approximately 30%, and a new polythene extruder, which achieves double the amount of output at only half the amount of power of previous machinery.
  • We offer our employees the option of taking part in the Ride 2 Work scheme, which offers the purchase of cycles at beneficial rates, encouraging people out of their cars and onto bikes, thereby lowering pollution and congestion from traffic.
  • Waste ink is mixed and reused to print on environmentally friendly products such as our made again range.
  • We manufacture recycled film on a daily basis, approximately 30-40% of all the polythene we produce is recycled.
  • We offer a range of recycled films and bags, these can be supplied in a variety of colours and sizes, for more information please take a look at the products page or contact us.