In a world filled with a growing dislike for plastic products, here at Shirlplass we strive to ensure we do all we can to ensure our impact on the environment is as little as possible. Not only do we push the fact that ALL the LDPE products we make are 100% RECYCLABLE, we are now pleased to announce our Bioplass material, which is a great alternative for someone looking to go green. Bioplass is a platicicizer-free, thermoplastic bio-resin and is a potato starch based polymer. Bags and films made of Bioplass are completely biodegradable and compostable (limitations on time / thickness apply). 

Bioplass films are compliant to the European industrial composting standard EN13432, meaning that they disintegrate by 90 percent within 12 weeks and biodegrade by 90 percent to water, carbon dioxide and biomass within 180 days. The materials have also been tested and proved to be non-toxic to both soil and plant life.

Bioplass is industrial compostable certified up to 185 microns.

Products made from our Bioplass material

  • are completely biodegradable & compostable.
  • is resistant to oil, grease, gasoline & water
  • are printable(restrictions apply)

Bioplass is accredited to Composting Standards:

  • EN13432
  • ASTM D6400
  • Vincotte OK Compost

We are able to offer a wide variety of products using our Bioplass material, these include but are not limited to

  • packaging films
  • mailing films
  • mailing bags
  • refuse sacks

For more information or to discuss your requirements contact our team by email at, call our office on 01933 411 814 or complete the request a quote section on the right.